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Random Organization of Disordered Materials

(IRG 1) 





Useful disordered materials are not produced at equilibrium


Need new organizing principles for non-equilibrium processes

     • Externally driven (e.g. cyclic – random organization…)

     • Internally driven by active constituents (self-propelled…)


Control and produce correlations in “disordered” materials

     • Stress correlations (jamming, marginal stability…)

     • Spatial correlations (hyperuniformity …)


Produce “disordered” materials with desired properties

     • Control rheology, fracture, optical properties, …

Hyperuniform structure with complete Isotropic Photonic Bandgap and  arbitrary waveguide


IRG 1: Random Organization of Disordered Materials combines researchers from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Civil Engineering to investigate new principles for organizing granular materials. This IRG builds on the remarkable discovery of the Random Organization Principle, made by Center investigators, by which driven nonequilibrium systems evolve towards absorbing states. This IRG will explore external and internal drives in granular and active materials, seeking to optimize material properties such as packing density, material strength and optical reflectivity, and to develop active materials such as optically reconfigurable colloids and active extensile viscoelastic liquids. 

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- Tuning disorder to obtain new desired material properties -