Bruker/NYU X-ray Powder Diffraction Workshop

Bruker/NYU X-ray Powder Diffraction Workshop
Department of Chemistry, New York University
June 15-16, 2011

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Over the past decade, the advancement of X-ray diffraction instrumentation and methods has elevated research in academic, industrial, and government labs. Innovations in X-ray detector technology, particularly two-dimensional area detectors, have played an important role in expanding the utility of X-ray diffraction. The Bruker/NYU Diffraction Workshop and its accompanying Master Class will span two days at New York University, with lectures as well as hands-on training on a state-of-the art Bruker GADDS microdiffractometer and other Bruker X-ray instruments. The Workshop will include lectures from various academic, government, and industrial organizations with a wide range of experience in X-ray diffraction and its applications. The hands-on Master Class will be taught by Bruker scientists and NYU personnel. Faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, and industrial scientists are invited to register. Attendees are encouraged to bring samples of interest to the workshop for the hands-on training Master Class, and scientific problems to the round-table discussion.

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Updated on 07/06/2011