Events Calendar

The NYU MRSEC and the Department of Chemistry will be hosting a visit by Dr. Markus Behnke, the Program Director for Chemistry at the head office of Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft  (DFG) in Bonn, Germany on Thursday September 5, 2013

11:30    Mike Ward, room 1001G Silver -- Welcome and Facility Tour
12:30    Presentation and Lunch, rooms 1001P/1003 Silver
2:00    Kurt Becker, room 1001P Silver
2:30    Ned Seeman, room 1066 Waverly
3:00    Kent Kirshenbaum, room 821 Silver
3:30    Alexej Jerschow, room 966 Waverly
4:00    Marcus Weck, room 555 Brown
4:30    Mike Ward, room 1001G Silver -- Wrap-up and Departure