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Overview: Undergraduate Opportunities 


The Center operates a REU summer research program that attracts students from a national base of colleges and universities, particularly undergraduates from underrepresented groups enrolled in minority serving institutions and four-year colleges, many that are members of the Faculty Resource Network at NYU.  The NYU MRSEC largely focuses its REU summer research recruiting efforts on four-year colleges, which remain a largely untapped reservoir of talent. Because the NYC region is naturally diverse, both ethnically and economically, many of the students enrolled in these colleges are associated with groups that are underrepresented in STEM fields, and roughly half are women.


























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The Center strives to exceed its current level of participation in the REU program by minority students and women, which over the past five years was 40% and 50%, respectively. In addition to a research component, the summer program includes professional development workshops (operated jointly with CCNY) aimed at increasing the awareness of career pathways in STEM fields.