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The second generation of the Center unites investigators from Chemistry, Physics, Chemical and Civil Engineering, the Courante Institute of Mathematical Sciences and the NYU College of Dentistry in a program ecompassing two IRGs.

NYU-MRSEC publications from inception DMR-0820341 (2008-2014) and award DMR-1420073 (2014- Present).

An interdisciplanary program combining chemistry, physics, biomaterials, math and engineering to exam topics including: Random organization of Disorderd Materials and Molecular Crystal Growth Mechanisms.

Multi-faceted program that encompasses K-12, undergraduate, graduate students, college instructors, and the general public, introducing unique educational content while broadening the participation in (STEM). 

The NYU MRSEC explores --new principles for organizing granular materials and the fundamentals science of molecular crystal growth combined with STEM intiatives for emerging young scientist and engineers.

The substantial investment in the sciences at NYU, the merger of NYU and Polytechnic, and the inaugural MRSEC award in Y2008 have created a dynamic environment for interdisciplinary materials research that is on a steep upward trajectory. The next generation Center unites investigators from Chemistry, Physics, Chemical and Civil Engineering, the Courant Institute of Mathematics and Biomaterials in the NYU College of Dentistry in a program encompassing two Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRGs):

Science Videos Vignettes

Research highlights -- Guiding biased motion of microscale swimmers using teardrop-shaped posts

Bacteria use various strategies to bias swimming behavior and achieve directed motion against a flow, maintain alignment with gravity or travel up a chemical gradient. NYU MRSEC investigators devised purely geometric means of biasing the motion of artificial nanorod swimmers.


These artificial swimmers are bimetallic rods, powered by a chemical fuel, which swim on a substrate printed with teardrop-shaped posts.

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Research Experience

for Undergraduate (REU) 2017


 Cutting edge research in NYC

 Career Development Workshops


(left) NYU-MRSEC REU Student, Giovanny Vasquez (UNLV), participating in a  lithography workshop.


Science Video Vignettes: designed to convey science to young people and the general public through whimsical but informative and technically accurate videos

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